Liberate my energyIn 2009, in the middle of my 30’s, I started to ask myself where I want to go professionally? To be more successful? to get more money, recognition? They all seemed logic, but it didn’t resonate in me.

I have spent a whole year to clarify my life mission, finally some key words came out:

to discover, illuminate and inspire the best of myself, for me and for the people who are dear to me.

What is “Bestmyself”? It’s a journey to approach our ultimate potential that life reserves for us. This vision gives me a lot of courage to go beyond the ego, to search for the wholeness, a bigger Self.

In 2013, I met with a group of French people  in Toscane Leadership program, I am passionated  by their conviction: “More human is more effective sustainably.” They thrive for a Freedom Company where the magic formula is applied:

Freedom + Responsibility = Performance + Happiness

“No liberated company without liberated leader”, we need the liberated leaders to hold a space for the people to get the freedom and responsiblity. The liberated leaders are not born but grow to become. This insight orientate me in my professional career at the end of 2014:

“Accompany the leaders in their liberation journey.”

I realized little by little, to change this conventional top-down management way to pioneer reversed pyramid “employee first” self-management way, it requires people mentally & emotionally matured, which I will call a status of “the best of myself”.

That’s why I dedicate this website to help myself and the people dear to me to discover  the “best myself”, which might lead to a self-management Freedom Company.



My profound business believe is that there is more chance to work together as complementary partners than the direct competitors. I love to meet different talents, and work together with the people who share the same values.

The topics “Leadership, Personal development, individual coaching, group facilitation, Interpersonal communication, Europe-china Cross-culture” are inside of my circle of competency.

As a company leader, if you believe that the employees can be trusted, you have the desire to mark your leadership period with a different management approach, please contact me, I will be glad to accompany you in your reinventing organization journey!

As a trainer, coach, facilitator, if you believe also “More human  is more effective sustainable”, please contact me, We will reinforce the circle of influence to transform the conventional management world.

Be part of the  movement!