What the Tower of Babel inspires me…

Long time ago, I heard about the Tower of Babel, but the real meaning hit me strongly only after a recent gathering with some Bible study people. Why God caused the people to speak different languages to make fail the Tower of Babel? it’s because God did not like the pride and arrogance in the hearts of the people.

Here the highlight is PRIDE. Nobody will consider that it is in us, when we look at the word Pride, but it is present in us quite often, without we are aware of. When we insist that we are right, you are wrong.. when we are reluctant to apologize, to say Sorry to our life partner after a dispute… the pride is in us.

Last week, I was in the cold war with my step-daughter who assists me  in the work. I perceived her different opinion as an attack, a critic. I felt hurt, not respected, angry. I thought it’s not fair, I spent so much time to show her the way, to teach her, she didn’t appreciate my effort in know-how transfer, she didn’t respect my seniority, my “title, status”… Intellectually I know it’s my Ego who felt hurt, defending it’s position, but emotionally it was so hard to let go… During one week, I was reluctant to talk, to cooperate, I hold the information in stead of circulating… It penalized the collective performance/result, of course…

With a step-back, I understood my goal set by the Ego was: I would like to be a perfect model. It implies that I am Always right, & untouchable… If this goal were explicit with me, I would surely say No,No! it would bring no benefit for the company, neither for me nor for her. But unfortunately I didn’t understand that I was building up my own Tower of Babel with Pride!

The opposite side of PRIDE is HUMBLE. To be humble requires us to look at the others as an equal pair, to constantly admit that we are vulnerable, we have the God or Nature as reference, we are so tiny. All that is to hold us far from so easy arising Pride.

2017, the year of Humble, wish it for me, and for you…

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