What’s the Toscane Leadership program?

Seminar1 is about (re)visiting what is essential to you, in order to feel more confident when facing uncertain situations and accompanying someone in this process.

Seminar2 is about accompanying someone: letting what he/ she really wants comes to the surface, unleashing his/ her potential and discovering how to get there.

Seminar3&4 are about moving a team in a complex environment: letting what he collectively wants come to surface, unlocking its collective energy and will, and enabling the emergence of a common path to get there.

Seminar5 is about listening to and becoming more  authentic leader within you, that has taken shape/ strengthen during your journey. “When I liberate myself, I am liberating others”. There is no transformation without transformator, it’s the leader who create & hold the space for trust, and liberation.

Speaking Language in the seminar

For the First Promo French, Chinese, (it’s scheduled to have English available in the next promo) you can express in your mother tongue, we have an interpreter for language assistance.

To whom this program is suitable?

This journey is designed for the CEO, GM, Managers, Team leaders who accompany the people, lead & live an organizational & cultural  transformation, who need to re-invent  new organizational & management practices & process in order to correspond to the new management paradigm.

It’s also designed for the professional Coaches, Trainers, Facilitators, & Consultants who are in the activities, or who wish to become.