Why Toscane accompagnement ?

In 2013, I encountered Toscane Accompagnement in Paris, after a journey of 15 months I experienced the real transformation in my own stance and behaviors. It’s amazing to see how the methods are also pertinent in different cultural context, when I used in my intervention in China.

This leadership program is founded in the experience sharing, it invites participants to revisit his/her beliefs, and accompanies them in the transformation. Profoundly Toscane has mission to help to shift from “Command & Control” mode to “Trust & Support” mode, and be deeply aligned with the philosophy of “Reinventing Organization”.
I am part of this professional coaches, facilitators, accompany’s community which is in permanent search, of pedagogy support, mutual-help, we share the same fondement: More human, it’s more effective sustainably!

Toscane Accompagnement

More precisely, what do we invite you to attend?

I invite you to participate a journey Toscane Leadership Program (12 months long):  5 workshops each workshop will last 3-days

You will be together with participants coming from Western Europe and Chinese enterprises plus a few professional coaches & facilitators.

With these five seminars Toscane-Accompagnement invites you to experience what this paradigm change means to you. What it means to your invisible world – your believes, your aspirations, your talents, your attitudes – as well as in our visible world – practices and frameworks.

But be aware, it is not a teaching, or training program! There are no simulation or role-plays. You bring the LIFE materials! It is an invitation to transform yourself inside, then to lead transformation in your ecosystem. It aims to enable you to play your part in bigger.