Two years ago when I talked with enthusiasm to a senior coach in China, he stared at me and, after a while, he asked me  “Do you believe that this can happen in China within your life time ? ”

My dream ?

In a Chinese organization, we can work Professionally AND Happily!

The organization frees up all the energies of each of their employees : creativity, self-direction, self-organization, engagement, entrepreneurship, … towards a common vision

I remained silent for a while and then answered : “Yes, I believe so!” Since then, I haven’t stopped asking myself what I can do to realize this crazy dream in China !

To see a Chinese organization transformed into a “liberated company” need time. Because a leader is naturally perceived on the top of pyramid in Chinese paradigm. But, I still have hope, an immense hope, because when we touch the “humanity” , there is no cultural barrier, we are just human!

Jia Guo facilitator coach

All the people want to be respected, to find the meaning in their work, to achieve the best-self. The Chinese millennium generation surely favorites the transformation, they need more freedom, liberty to self-express, to self-direct, and to be authentic.

In the last 5 years, in France, there are 5% of the middle & large size companies who have been in movement of “liberating company”, it’s impressive to see this fast growth, and large contamination. This tendency is created together in an eco-system: Writing book, promotion in media, training workshop, managers lead the transformation, consultant accompany the change in the companies, the employees first followers…

That’s why, at the end of 2015, I decided to contribute to build up an ecosystem propice for Liberating organization in China. I positioned myself as “Accompany Liberating leaders”.Reinventing Organizations

So why do I invite you to join me for this dream?

Today, after co-translating the book “Reinventing Organization” by Frederic Laloux, the book “Freedom & Inc” of Isaac Getz  & Brian M. Carney and launching the first series of seminars of “Becoming a Transformation Companion” in an cross-enterprise format, I am arriving at the evident conclusion: I can not do it alone, I need more help.

I decide  to bring Toscane Leadership program to China.