Christophe LE BUHAN  et  Jacques SANTINI, Jia GUO, Serge BORG, From Toscane Accompagnement.
Each Seminar will be animated by 2 facilitators, one is Jia, another is either Christophe, Jacques, or Serge.
We accompany  managers, top leaders, in various French, Italian, Spanish, German , Belgium, international companies during  their organizational transformation.


Source of Inspiration for Toscane

Here are some authors, men & women, who deeply inspired us, who shaped Toscane’s approach.
How we see the human?
Carl Rogers, Viktor Frankl, André Rochais, Carl-Gustav Jung, Elisabeth Kübler- Ross, Eckart Tolle, Jean Vannier

The managerial stance
Bertrand Martin, Will Schutz, Vincent Lenhardt, Jim Collins, Stephen Covey

Put into the movement
Watzlawick, Lynch et Kordis,  Myriem le Saget, Vineet Nayar

How we see the performance?
Jim Collins, Peter Senge, Michel Leclercq, Chan Kim et Renée Mauborgne

The stance of Accompany & Coach
François Délivré, Robert Dilts, Hélène Roubeix

The practices & processus of liberating company
Frederic Laloux, Isaac Getz, Vineet Nayar