The Western New Year has passed since 2 months, even the Chinese have finished the celebration of their New Year, we have no excuse to not look at the year 2018, which is unfolding in front of us…day by day… This revelation brings me to look at what really matters in the life? more important than that: what really matters in my life? The Mindfulness course Consciousness Loving: Pathway for awakening our heart , that I  chose to  follow at the beginning of the year, with Tara Brach, gives me some deep inspiration: Tara said ” I would  like to share that I went to a retreat with Thich Nhat Hanh about twenty-five years ago. I went with a very good friend, and we hadn’t had much time to spend together so we were excited to drive there  and drive back.   At the end of the retreat, he had us do […]

What the Tower of Babel inspires me…

Long time ago, I heard about the Tower of Babel, but the real meaning hit me strongly only after a recent gathering with some Bible study people. Why God caused the people to speak different languages to make fail the Tower of Babel? it’s because God did not like the pride and arrogance in the hearts of the people. Here the highlight is PRIDE. Nobody will consider that it is in us, when we look at the word Pride, but it is present in us quite often, without we are aware of. When we insist that we are right, you are wrong.. when we are reluctant to apologize, to say Sorry to our life partner after a dispute… the pride is in us. Last week, I was in the cold war with my step-daughter who assists me  in the work. I perceived her different opinion as an attack, a critic. […]

Square & Round management

  I was curious to understand what it implied Round & Square  for management… All the natural elements are made in a kind of round shape, the square is created by man to make easier the storage and transportation. I ran into this discovery one day, it opens a door to me to see what it implies for management: Square and Round. In the book written by Jean-François Zobist, the ex-CEO of FAVI “La belle hisoire de FAVI “, I found some insights. Here below I abstracted some inspiring ideas about Square and Round management. The Round management implies more Yes & And, it allows the co-existence between black & white, right & wrong,adapt to the present; on the contrary the Square management lives in the Past & Future, trying to find out why we made mistake, and how to prevent the eventual risk… the Square implies a choice of […]

Bring another part of me to the work…

“Extraordinary things begin to happen when we dare to bring all of who we are to work….” In the -Reinventing Organization-, Frederic Laloux says that “the organization have always been places that encourage people to show up with a narrow “professional” self and to leave other parts of the self at the door. They often require us to show a masculine resolve, to display determination and strength, and to hide doubts and vulnerability. Rationality rules as king, while the emotional, intuitive, and spiritual parts of ourselves often feel unwelcome, out of place. “ The first time I saw a Italian peer trainer kissed her 13 months son, said good-by, and gave him to the nursing lady, just before stepping into the seminar room, I was deeply shocked. Many questions came to my mind: is it professional? How she can do that? What the trainees will perceive her? The fact is: […]

Experiencing my own “Vulnerability”

Vulnerability, as human, we are all vulnerable… Since some months I want to write something about Vulnerability. The meaning of this word is calling me. “Vulnerability” is defined in the British Dictionary “capable of being physically or emotionally wounded or hurt;  open to temptation, persuasion, censure, etc;  liable or exposed to disease, disaster, etc“. It was abstract  and conceptual to me, this word Vulnerability, until I experienced my own Vulnerability recently. Though I have never explicitly claimed that I am a super woman; but implicitly I guess I do believe that with my own efforts, perseverance, I can do everything I really want.  I do succeed my life from zero, I financed  my overseas studies , I succeeded my integration in different countries, I succeeded my own entrepreneurial companies …”If you really want, you can!” was my  motto. However recently in my personal life, to accomplish a “simple” desire of […]

Coffee break

Reading at coffee break-Mindset

This week in Beijing , I have met a publisher, entering in her office, I saw thousands of BOOKS!  Amazing!! I discovered some figures which impressive me: About 175 million books have been published worldwide. This number grows by 1 million per year.  I say to myself: ” I’d better get started…”” Here I share some insights from a book I’m reading, hope to bring you a book taste at your next coffee break time… jia-Vanessa GUO Consutlant & Trainer   Fixed Mindset & Growth Mindset Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck“Mindset: The New Psychology of Success” “For twenty years, my research has shown that the view adopted for yourself profoundly affects the way you lead  life. It can determine whether you become the person you want to be and whether you accomplish what you value.“ When you enter a mindset, you enter a new world. “In one world – the world […]

Know what you want in the life then action!

I’m used to ask myself  “what I learned recently from the life?”  this month I would say: To be happy need to take action. In Latin “motivazione” (Motivation) there is an Azione (Action), it’s different from Intenzione (an action non-effectuated). “I had intention to call you… have you called… No… oh, this is an action not done, it’s an intention” The happiness requires the ACTION. Inspired by Vineet Nayar “Employee first, Customer second”, I launched my slogan”Darling first, customer second” in order to calm the storm at home, however 6 months later, I got an observation from him “You are good at talking… it’s just blablabla…” It’s time to do  action… First of all I want to know  how good or bad this relationship is? I thought about the KPI-Key Performance Indicator. In the business we say “You can not improve the things unmeasured.” It’ could be also true in […]