Square & Round management

  I was curious to understand what it implied Round & Square  for management… All the natural elements are made in a kind of round shape, the square is created by man to make easier the storage and transportation. I ran into this discovery one day, it opens a door to me to see what it implies for management: Square and Round. In the book written by Jean-François Zobist, the ex-CEO of FAVI “La belle hisoire de FAVI “, I found some insights. Here below I abstracted some inspiring ideas about Square and Round management. The Round management implies more Yes & And, it allows the co-existence between black & white, right & wrong,adapt to the present; on the contrary the Square management lives in the Past & Future, trying to find out why we made mistake, and how to prevent the eventual risk… the Square implies a choice of […]

Bring another part of me to the work…

“Extraordinary things begin to happen when we dare to bring all of who we are to work….” In the -Reinventing Organization-, Frederic Laloux says that “the organization have always been places that encourage people to show up with a narrow “professional” self and to leave other parts of the self at the door. They often require us to show a masculine resolve, to display determination and strength, and to hide doubts and vulnerability. Rationality rules as king, while the emotional, intuitive, and spiritual parts of ourselves often feel unwelcome, out of place. “ The first time I saw a Italian peer trainer kissed her 13 months son, said good-by, and gave him to the nursing lady, just before stepping into the seminar room, I was deeply shocked. Many questions came to my mind: is it professional? How she can do that? What the trainees will perceive her? The fact is: […]