The Western New Year has passed since 2 months, even the Chinese have finished the celebration of their New Year, we have no excuse to not look at the year 2018, which is unfolding in front of us…day by day…

This revelation brings me to look at what really matters in the life? more important than that: what really matters in my life?

The Mindfulness course Consciousness Loving: Pathway for awakening our heart , that I  chose to  follow at the beginning of the year, with Tara Brach, gives me some deep inspiration:

Tara said ”

I would  like to share that I went to a retreat with Thich Nhat Hanh about twenty-five years ago. I went with a very good friend, and we hadn’t had much time to spend together so we were excited to drive there  and drive back.
At the end of the retreat, he had us do a practice getting into pairs. The first thing he had us do is bow to each other, and he said the words, Namaste, which means, “I see The Divine in you.”
Then he had us hug each other, so my friend and I hugged each other. Then he said, “Now, meditate on these words.”
The first words were,“I’m going to die.” The second set of words was, “You are going to die, and the third set was, “And we have just these moments together.” So we did the reflection and shared with each other the experience. 
For both of us, there was this identical sense of dropping into a visceral sense of,
“This loving matters – not to wait and not to imagine that we’ll get closer when we are both less busy.”

I check my deep aspiration for the life today: I see the word L.O.V.E.

What I might need: the courage to open myself, to be in touch with my vulnerability, to dare to be in intimacy.


  • I unite my body and my mind, I concentrate on my divine potential, I bow to the divine potential in you.
  • The spirit living in me recognizes the spirit in you.
  • My divine in me honors the divine in you.
  • The light in me says Hi to the light in you.
  • The humility in me says Hi to the humility in you.



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