Know what you want in the life then action!

I’m used to ask myself  “what I learned recently from the life?”  this month I would say: To be happy need to take action.

In Latin “motivazione” (Motivation) there is an Azione (Action), it’s different from Intenzione (an action non-effectuated). “I had intention to call you… have you called… No… oh, this is an action not done, it’s an intention”

The happiness requires the ACTION.

Inspired by Vineet Nayar “Employee first, Customer second”, I launched my slogan”Darling first, customer second” in order to calm the storm at home, however 6 months later, I got an observation from him “You are good at talking… it’s just blablabla…”

It’s time to do  action…

First of all I want to know  how good or bad this relationship is? I thought about the KPI-Key Performance Indicator. In the business we say “You can not improve the things unmeasured.” It’ could be also true in the personal life.

So I started to measure this relationship. Everyday at 9pm, an email  I scheduled  will be sent from to ask me “how is your day with darling?” , and I answer with a score from 0-10 or describe with a word. 

The first 2 weeks, I got 6…Some new actions to take… the second 2 weeks 7,7, some new actions to take…and after 37 days… ha ha, here I am… as shown bellowing…  9!

What I learned from this measurement? First I need to clarify what’s really important to my happiness in the life… Then  stop thinking or talking… ACTION…

wish you a nice day!

jia-Vanessa GUO

Consultant & Trainer


Clock & Compass

If you are asked to choose which is more important between Compass and Clock in a journey? You will certainly answer “of course the compass! it will give me the direction.”

However in the life journey, we often made wrong choice, we choose clock in stead of compass. 

Clock represents efficiency-“Do the things perfectly and quickly”, schedules, urgent things, and Compass represents Effectiveness-“Do the right thing”, Relationships, Important things.





We don’t have time to do sport, to build up the physic;

we don’t have time to read a book to exercise the mind;

we don’t have time to practice spiritual worship;

we don’t have time to be with parents, friends…

HOWEVER we do have time to make an agenda until 120%, to enlarge the to-do-list until endless, to check & recheck the emails until midnight…

The important thing is not urgent. Such as spend a minute to look at your compass to be sure that you are walking on the right way.

The biggest human tragedy could be one day once we arrive at the top of the mountain after years of effort; we suddenly realize that it’s not this mountain we want to come…

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